The Sixth Chakra: Learning to See with Your Third Eye

Have you ever felt like something just wasn’t right? Maybe it was a meeting you had with a potential client that just felt “off” energetically. Or maybe you were walking somewhere new and somehow you just had a gut feeling that you should turn around and walk the other way? That’s your intuition; that all-knowing […]

The Fifth Chakra: Finding Your Voice

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”  — Malala Yousafzai Our voice is an integral part of our individuality and our truest form of self-expression. Our fifth chakra, or throat chakra, is responsible for both our literal and figurative voice. The throat chakra is an essential part of our communication and […]

The Fourth Chakra: Getting to the Heart of Who You Are

Your body is made up of seven chakras- three upper and three lower, and right in the middle, connecting them all, is the Heart Chakra, the fourth chakra. Our entire love connection to the world, other living things, and even ourselves flows from this sacred source, located in the lower center of our chest.  From […]

Your Sacral Chakra: Reigniting that Spark

Are you finding joy and creativity hard to come by these days?  I have heard from so many clients that they are feeling a loss of happiness and contentment, which in turn stops their creative flow. They have all this free time, as much of the world has been on pause the past few months, […]

First Chakra: Getting to the Root of It All

Every house needs a stable foundation. If the foundation isn’t stable, it doesn’t matter what is built on it, it will collapse. A solid foundation is what holds up your house for years to come. The same is true with your first chakra, The Root Chakra. This chakra, located at the very base of your […]

The Power of 7

If you are like most people I have spoken to, you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, with the weight of the world sitting firmly on your shoulders. Many of the negative feelings we hold in our bodies can be traced back to our chakras. Chakras are the energy centers of your body, […]

Kindness is a Boomerang

Neighbors having sing-alongs from their balconies. Crowds gathering every night in parking lots honking their car horns and cheering for medical personnel. Strangers paying for the nurse’s groceries when she checks out at the grocery store. In today’s world of social distancing, it is easy to feel isolated, alone, and fearful. But, when you look […]

Earthing: Becoming the Best You

Walt Whitman once said, “Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.” As we are at the beginning of a new year, and a new decade, it’s the best time to commit to self-care, and connecting with […]

It’s All in Your Mind: Make Self-Love a Priority

How did you take care of yourself today? Maybe you spent the first 15 minutes after you woke up in meditation? Or you took a walk or jogged to clear your head before starting your workday? Or maybe…you didn’t do anything to take care of yourself…to show yourself the love that you need and deserve. […]

We Are Mother Earth

If you have seen the news at all recently, I’m sure you know all about the current wildfires raging in California. This has been a recurring issue for residents of the state; myself included. Lately, I’ve been feeling all the emotions of all those who have been directly affected by the fires. It seems like […]