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Kindness is a Boomerang

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Neighbors having sing-alongs from their balconies.

Crowds gathering every night in parking lots honking their car horns and cheering for medical personnel.

Strangers paying for the nurse’s groceries when she checks out at the grocery store.

In today’s world of social distancing, it is easy to feel isolated, alone, and fearful. But, when you look around, you can still see people finding new ways to connect and touching the lives of others. These connections, no matter how large or how small, don’t just have an impact on the person receiving these random acts of kindness; they open the hearts of those on the giving end as well.

Think of kindness like a boomerang. What you send out, comes back to you. You give and you receive the kindness back from the universe, sometimes tenfold. The simple act of doing something for someone else and expecting nothing in return transforms us as human beings. It makes us more compassionate, more empathetic, more…human.

And that simple act you gave to the stranger doesn’t end there. It begins to multiply and create a chain reaction. That person that received your kindness decides to pay it forward and reaches out the next time they see a stranger or a friend in need. Now, you’ve created this wave of love and kindness that elevates the collective positive energy. And we need that now more than ever.

So, on the days when you’re feeling lonely or sad, think about how you can help someone else. It’s a surefire way to raise your spirits.

Here are a few easy ways that you can reach out during this difficult time.

-Call or text a friend to check in on how they are doing.

-Have a virtual cup of tea with a family member you haven’t seen in a while.

-Give the delivery person an extra few dollars tip.

-Pay for the order of the person behind you in the drive-through line.

-Send a struggling friend an inspirational article you read.

-Donate to your local food bank.

-Pick up groceries for your elderly neighbor next time you’re out.

What you put out in the world always comes back to you. Practicing simple random acts of kindness helps you find your way in a world that seems to be upside down at the moment. Maybe that one act of kindness will not only change their life but yours as well.

Finding Peace in the Chaos

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These are incredibly difficult times we are living in. I’ve been hearing from so many of you, asking for help to successfully navigate through this collective fear being felt around the world right now.

First, let’s discuss what fear really is:

FEAR is a:





If we, as a global community give our energy to fear, the vibration of the world will keep being lowered. We need to keep the world’s vibration high, and we do this by not allowing ourselves to get blocked and fearful.

When we’re stressed or living in a space of fear and anxiety, we stop breathing or we begin shallow breathing. What we need to do is use an NLP technique where we focus on each breath. This breathing exercise will allow you to move the blocked energy that gets trapped by our shallow breathing and causes our mind to get foggy and puts us in a heightened state of anxiety.

Follow these steps:

  1. Breathe in from your abdomen, not your chest.
  2. Slowly, one breath at a time.
  3. In through the belly, out slowly.
  4. In and out, moving the energy. Feel it move throughout your body.
  5. Repeat these words, “I am calm. I am relaxed. I am in control.”

Do this for one to three, even five minutes if need be. Keep breathing and repeating those affirmations out loud. You will begin to feel more peaceful and calm. Remember, our minds cannot tell what’s real from what’s fiction. When you convince the mind, the body follows. Do this exercise at least once a day or more if you need it. You will begin to retrain your mind to return to a more peaceful state.

I want to help each of you get through this trying time, so keep an eye on my social media platforms for videos and advice on how to cope during this global crisis

The Past Isn’t Always in the Past

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Do you ever look at old photographs of yourself as a child? The photos may be tattered or worn, and that image of you from so long ago may seem like a distant memory. But for many of us, that person in the photo, that you thought left you a long time ago, is still there and more present in your adult life than you could ever imagine.

Your childhood may seem like a lifetime ago. But, for many people, their childhood experiences carry into their adulthood; like those tattered old photos of the past. Many issues that you are struggling with today, such as overcoming bad habits or self-destructive patterns take root in our childhoods. And when we don’t get past them, or we mask them with the harmful activities, we are burying the trauma deeper. It’s sitting there bubbling under the surface like a volcano ready to explode. 

Your adult life IS impacted by the inner child issues of your past. Guilt, anger, sadness, self-loathing are common feelings in people struggling with childhood trauma. And these feelings lead us to behaviors that hold us back from becoming the person we were born to be.  

Research shows negative childhood events and emotions can trigger emotional and even physical reactions in our adult selves. They can be responsible for your current physical and mental health conditions, and put you at greater risk for life-threatening illnesses, like heart attacks, strokes, obesity, diabetes, and different types of cancer.

The important thing to remember is that there is hope. Those issues from your past do not have to continue to shape your future. Working with a trained professional can help reconnect you to your true spiritual self and help you break free from the chains of the past and increase your self-worth.

Reaching out is the first step in building a deeper connection with the innate unconditional love for yourself and your life that you were born with, but lost through no fault of your own. You will begin to experience less fear and more happiness and will pave the way to living the life you always wanted, free from the shackles of the past.
Learn more about how I can help you take that fearful first step, and walk hand in hand with you on your journey.

It’s All in Your Mind: Make Self-Love a Priority

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How did you take care of yourself today? Maybe you spent the first 15 minutes after you woke up in meditation? Or you took a walk or jogged to clear your head before starting your workday?

Or maybe…you didn’t do anything to take care of yourself…to show yourself the love that you need and deserve. You may, in fact, do just the opposite. Instead of being your own best cheerleader, you may be your worst enemy.

Each and every soul on this Earth needs to feel love and to be loved. But, the harsh truth is, that love needs to start within. We need to begin the process of caring and loving ourselves first and foremost before we can love another.. Once we do that, the ripple effect just carries out into the world, touching those that feel it and lends its healing to the earth as well.

For me, I begin each day with the intention of being of service to others and sharing my unique gift with those I come in contact with throughout my day.

The practice of self-care allows us to begin healing the wounds of the past, by allowing ourselves to begin to let go of past hurts and bad experiences.

Everything that we do day in and day out starts with a thought. Our thoughts are the sparks that light the way for everything we do–good and bad.

Take some time when you wake up tomorrow morning and every morning thereafter and be KIND to yourself. Just take a few minutes and set the intention to be of service to others, by first, being of service to yourself.

Listen to my recent podcast interview with Kyrin Dunston of Her Brilliant Health, where I talk about how the mind has the ability to transform our lives.

Girl Power: Find Strength in Your Tribe

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We all have a go-to person or persons. You know who I mean. The friends that you know you can call at any time of day and will always have your back. Maybe you have a circle of girlfriends that have become your tribe. Oprah once  said, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” When we are surrounded by the people that know us best and support us, even at our worst, we can take on the world.

Women take on everything: the care of the house, the care of children, striving to be the best in the corporate world that undervalues them. We put everyone else first and ourselves last. That’s why the connection to other women is so important. If you don’t have that much-needed connection, think about joining or starting a Women’s Circle. These powerful gatherings are a place for women to come together in a safe and supportive environment and help us get in tune with our feminine strength. 

There are no rules or guidelines for these powerful, connecting events. Maybe use yoga or meditation as a way to connect. Have each participant voice their intentions and just listen… really listen without judgment to what each person has to say. Women have been gathering together since the beginning of civilization, and the results are extraordinary!

Today’s women feel disconnected, alone, and inferior, and seem to carry those burdens on their own. But, your tribe is a place to heal and feel inspired. You’ll find your voice and be empowered by the voices of others. I cannot stress the importance of these healing spaces, and that’s what I create in my retreats. A safe haven for women to heal, transform, and expand themselves, guided by me and supported by others. My next Breathwork Retreat in Agua Dulce will be full of female connection and transformation. I hope you will join us!

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Listen Closely: The Power of Sound Healing

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When you feel sad, do you listen to sad music? Or what about when your favorite song comes on the car radio- do you turn up the volume and sing along? We all have at some point in our lives. Music heals, and that is the power of sound healing.

Sound healing isn’t new. The Ancient Greeks realized the power of music and sound. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, played music for his patients. Study after study shows that music heals us on the molecular and emotional level. 

There are many forms of sound healing from the use of singing bowls to mantras and meditation. But, no matter the way in which sound therapy is delivered, the result is the same: healing. Sound therapy is effective for a wide spectrum of conditions like Autism, Depression, Anxiety disorders, Stress, PTSD, and Pain.

Sound therapy helps you gain clarity, relax better, improve your concentration and memory, and give you a heightened self of self. Think about those times that music helped you relax or when a beat stirred you to get up and dance! I truly believe in the power of sound and music, which is why I utilize it in my healing practice. My next Breathwork Retreat in Agua Dulce will feature daily sound baths to help take participants’ transformative journeys to the next level.

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Just Breathe

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I want you to stop right now and take a deep breath.

Go ahead!

Can you remember the last time you really stopped for a minute and did that? We have been conditioned by today’s society to win by any means necessary. We are told to be the best, do the most, and never stop. But, how does that pressure manifest in our bodies?

The pressure of this toxic energy that builds up over time shows up as stress, anxiety, and depression. Depression is the energy that keeps us stuck in the past and anxiety makes us fearful for the future. When we are in this cycle of fight or flight, how can we enjoy life? How can we live the best life as the best version of ourselves?

Your breath is the pathway to permanent peace and healing.  Breathwork transforms depression into inner peace, stress into relaxation, anxiety into harmony, emotional turmoil into peace, and contraction into expansion. You take your existence to a whole new level.

We, in this modern society, have forgotten how to breathe. While babies and children breathe through their bellies, which is the best way to truly oxygenate your mind and body, adults use shallow chest breathing, which depletes the mind and body from oxygen, hence leading to stress and anxiety. In times of stress and anxiety, we tend to breathe more shallow, or experience moments of not breathing at all, which over time takes a toll on our bodies.

Try this breathing exercise every time you feel overwhelmed. Or better yet, add it into your daily routine at least once a day. It can be done standing up, sitting, or lying down. However and wherever you feel the most relaxed. 

  1. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose with your shoulders relaxed. Make sure your abdomen expands.
  2. Exhale slowly through your mouth, pursing your lips as you blow out. Focus on this breath. Breathe out until all of the air leaves your lungs.
  3. Repeat this exercise for several minutes.

There is no overstating the importance of proper breathing. The effect this simple change can have on your body, mind, and spirit is profound. 

If you are looking to expand and reconnect spiritually to your truest self, breathwork is one of the best and most successful ways to do it.  I frequently witness my clients have deep spiritual experiences that transform their lives in ways they never imagined. 

PS: I am so moved by the transformations I witness every day with breathwork that I am planning a weekend retreat in a stunning location 30 minutes from Burbank. I will be offering an Early Bird Special and spots are limited, so make sure you reserve your spot ASAP!! Click here to learn more…

Reconnecting with Mother Earth

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Do you remember when you were a little kid and you would run through the grass with bare feet? It didn’t matter if it was cold or rainy, the feel of the grass on your feet made you feel free, made you feel alive!

I bet it’s been a long time since you’ve felt the cool grass on your feet or gone outside without shoes and truly connected with our planet. Our modern lives have left us with little direct contact with Mother Earth. Think again about how amazing it felt to be a child running through your backyard with your feet and the energy you could feel transmitting from the ground into your body.

This is a process that is called “Grounding” or “Earthing.” It, by definition, means any direct contact a human body has with the earth’s surface. The thought is that the earth holds a very mild negative charge and our bodies, under the influence of modern technology, builds up a positive charge that needs releasing or it will begin to affect our mental and physical wellbeing. Any direct contact with the earth can help our bodies return to a more neutral state.

That’s why you felt the way you did when you were a child playing in the yard, splashing in a mud puddle, or walking on the beach. If you really think about it and the way we live, you could probably go years without ever physically touching the earth. These modern habits have left our bodies and souls out of whack and continue to contribute to illness and burnout.

Practicing grounding doesn’t take any fancy equipment or expensive memberships to gyms. It’s just a matter of taking time every day to walk outside and connect with nature. The next time you go outside, kick off your shoes first! If you are near a lake or a stream, dip your toes in the water.

Make it a habit to commit to physically and directly touching the earth every single day and you’ll soon begin to notice the subtle changes in your life and maybe even start to feel like a kid again!

What’s holding you back?

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Think about the last time you took a vacation and all the luggage you packed. Now, think about the vacation before that, and the one before that, and so on. Now imagine, you had to carry along all the bags from EACH vacation to your summer vacation this year. 

How would you even try to board an airplane or get in a car with all those bags holding you down?

Now, imagine each of those bags is an experience from your past. Each bag represents something that has happened in your life. And each one is holding you back from becoming the person you were meant to be.

Every day, we carry around baggage that we don’t even consciously realize. Those things become part of who we are and affect our lives in countless ways on a daily basis. These old ways become our norm and mold us into creatures of habit who just perpetuate our self-limiting cycles.

In order to let go of all the things that hold us back, we must first acknowledge that they exist. Many of us carry around our past without even realizing it. Once we know they are there and confront them, we can become better equipped to overcome them and finally let go.

I encourage you to think about the baggage that you carry around every day. How does it affect your daily decisions? How is your past holding you back from living in the present and creating a beautiful future? 

Join me on August 3rd for a 3-hour breathwork workshop at our beautiful Agua Dulce retreat home for a celebration of healing, transformation, and growth. Breathwork takes a deeper approach to self-exploration. It is a powerful tool that can clear years of emotional blocks and trauma in a single session. And stay tuned for information about my upcoming international retreat where we take a deep dive on these limiting beliefs and old habits that are preventing us from moving forward.

Being honest with yourself is a scary process, so my goal is to create a safe environment where you can put a voice to your self-limiting beliefs and finally release them once and for all. It’s not just about what happens in our time together, but taking the skills I teach and putting them into practice in your daily life.

Isn’t it time to put down those heavy bags and see where you can go without all that weight holding you back?