Breathwork workshop

By May 25, 2019
August 3, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Sacred Creators Retreat LLC
8400 Sierra Hwy Agua Dulce Ca 91390

Join us at our beautiful Agua Dulce retreat home for a celebration of healing, transformation, and growth! The feel of the venue itself lends something special to the overall magic of the experience.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of our breath. The main focus of this workshop is to provide a safe and protected space to engage in deep inner work, to release any unwanted lingering or limiting emotions, beliefs from the past and present.  Breathwork takes a deeper approach to self-exploration. It is a powerful tool that can clear years of emotional blocks and trauma in a single session.  By resolving the stories and memories caused by traumas of the past, we open the gates to be in the present.  By healing our mind, body, and soul we set the course for a newly invigorated, balanced, and productive life.

Breathwork can help release/reduce: anxiety, chronic pain, anger, stress, depression, trauma, posttraumatic stress, grief, loss, physical illness

Breathwork can help create/manifest: greater abundance, deep relaxation, better digestion, sharper focus, break free from old patterns and behaviors, strengthen the immune system, experience better sleep, quiet the internal critic, create a deep connection with your creativity and confidence, lower the blood pressure, release toxins from the cells, have a greater sense of emotional balance, and experience gratitude and joy

How does it work?

In a safe secure space with music in the background that supports the healing process, you are guided to do specific patterns of breathing through the mouth that consists of connecting the inhale through the abdomen and chest and the exhale with no pauses between the two.  Kristine has a gift for leading even resistant individuals to an incredible awakening. The results are immediate and undeniable.  You lay on your back on a yoga mat, which will be provided, in a comfortable position.  Kristine will guide you through the process and explain the physical, emotional and spiritual elements of the practice.

For more information visit our Breathwork page under the Services section.


Donation is $88 (at the door $95) It includes all supplies for the workshop (pay with Venmo or PayPal)

Venmo: Kristine Ovsepian @journeystoheal

PayPal:  (please send payments to Friends/Family to avoid fees)


The number of participants is limited to 20.  Once your donation is made, your space will be reserved.  

Note: Yoga mats, snacks, drinks, supplies will be provided

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