What is HeartMath and How Can It Help Me?

HearthMath is the science and system that incorporates emotional refocusing and restructuring tools and techniques to help you reduce stress, anxiety, fears, depression and other negative emotions and improve health, learning, performance and overall quality of life.

Through the HeartMath techniques you learn in our sessions, you will be able to experience quick emotional shifts, such as reduce the levels of stress, gain control over impulsive behaviors and habits, and shift from negative perceptions to positive.

What Emotions Does it Help With?

We will identify and help you overcome persistent self-defeating and energy-depleting thought patterns and feelings such as;
With practice, it will help you create positive intentions leading to positive emotion-driven shifts in the heart’s rhythmic patterns and thus sending those positive messages to the brain.

By practicing these techniques you will achieve a wide range of long-term benefits like: