Finding Peace in the Chaos

These are incredibly difficult times we are living in. I’ve been hearing from so many of you, asking for help to successfully navigate through this collective fear being felt around the world right now.

First, let’s discuss what fear really is:

FEAR is a:





If we, as a global community give our energy to fear, the vibration of the world will keep being lowered. We need to keep the world’s vibration high, and we do this by not allowing ourselves to get blocked and fearful.

When we’re stressed or living in a space of fear and anxiety, we stop breathing or we begin shallow breathing. What we need to do is use an NLP technique where we focus on each breath. This breathing exercise will allow you to move the blocked energy that gets trapped by our shallow breathing and causes our mind to get foggy and puts us in a heightened state of anxiety.

Follow these steps:

  1. Breathe in from your abdomen, not your chest.
  2. Slowly, one breath at a time.
  3. In through the belly, out slowly.
  4. In and out, moving the energy. Feel it move throughout your body.
  5. Repeat these words, “I am calm. I am relaxed. I am in control.”

Do this for one to three, even five minutes if need be. Keep breathing and repeating those affirmations out loud. You will begin to feel more peaceful and calm. Remember, our minds cannot tell what’s real from what’s fiction. When you convince the mind, the body follows. Do this exercise at least once a day or more if you need it. You will begin to retrain your mind to return to a more peaceful state.

I want to help each of you get through this trying time, so keep an eye on my social media platforms for videos and advice on how to cope during this global crisis

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