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Having a life coach can mean the difference between achieving your goals and being stuck in an unhappy place. Sometimes life brings forth challenging obstacles that get in the way of our happiness. These issues can take a toll on our lives and cause us to miss out on many important opportunities. By having a life coach, you can start to prioritize what’s important in your life and achieve the goals you have for yourself.

Journeys to Heal provides hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, life coaching, crystal healing, and guided meditation, serving Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and Los Angeles. Call us at (818) 605-0089 or email Kristine@journeystoheal.com to schedule a consultation.

Nothing is more important than waking up each morning loving your life. Make the most of your life by being present and enjoying every moment. Don’t sit around and dwell on all the negatives in your life, rather focus on the positive aspects. Learn to love who you are and what opportunities are available for you – doing so ensures that you stay optimistic and grateful.

People who live their dreams are not “lucky,” they simply have a proven method.Positivity and confidence doesn’t come easily. Instead, it takes practice and technique to really learn to appreciate what you have. People who love their life and accomplish their dreams really make an effort and make it a habit to live by these principles. For instance, the Universal Law of Attraction states that we attract whatever we give our attention to – both positive and negative. People who use this principle to benefit themselves really focus on and attract things that bring quality and happiness to their life.

Journey to Heal’s transformational coaching program is based on Mary Morrissey’s Dream Builder Program. With this program we focus on helping you achieve your goals. This proven formula can help you create a fulfilling life for yourself and teach you how to follow your dreams. This system can create effective results and help you in all areas of your life such as; health, love, career, and finances. Get started on your goals without having to put a pause on all the opportunities that can change your life.

By combining my gifts and education, I can help guide you to tap into your authentic self. Thus, every coaching session leads to transformation. All you need to create the life of your dreams is the right tools and support. Together we can design a life that is in harmony with your purpose and materialize it into reality.

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