Here´s a quick way to overcome anxiety

For over a decade I have been working with individuals from many different backgrounds and economic status, but what I have witnessed is that no matter how educated or how successful we may be, deep within we are all the same. We all experience the same emotions at one point in our lives and one key factor is how we perceive or label those emotions.

The emotion that is often described as “anxiety,” nowadays seems to be hitting everyone no matter how old they are.  Young and old come to me describing the symptoms I mention below.

I would like to shine some light on this word that scares and controls so many people, in the hopes that it will help you take your power back.  Most of the symptoms describing anxiety include increased heart rate, hyperventilating, hypertension, sweating, shaking…

The same symptoms mentioned are also experienced when we are excited over something or someone.  So I often invite my clients to take their power back by simply shifting their perception on that emotion/feeling when they experience it.

Somehow, we have allowed ourselves or allowed other people to tell our brain that it is suffering anxiety. Take your power back today, just as happiness is a decision you make, so is anxiety.

Steps to overcome anxiety

  1. I invite you to a quick initial self-check to find out what caused the emotion/feeling in the first place.
  2. Then label it excitement. You can say or think something like “I wonder what I am excited about” or “I am so excited because…” Since our minds do not judge, what we tell it then it is what it will believe.  With daily practice, you too can overcome that illusion and take your power back.

Work with this new tool for 21-30 days and please share with us your positive results.  Why 21 to 30 days? Simply because it takes that long for our minds to acquire a habit. This means you can break an almost lifetime burden in just three weeks!

We are not what the labels decide us to be. We are what we decide to become!