Restore your Mind, Body and Spirit in a Weekend


November 8-10, 2019 – Agua Dulce, CA 

Discover the healing powers of breathwork, aromatherapy and sound healing

in a peaceful natural environment 

Disconnect from your fast-paced life and learn the tools to further your healing journey!

Do you need a break?

Are you experiencing chronic stress and fatigue? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant demands of your work and family that you have no energy left for yourself to just feel good and relaxed? Maybe as you read this you are feeling emotional, have tension on your shoulders, or headache from that stress.

As I was doing some breathwork exercises on myself, I felt deeply connected to others around me. I remembered conversations with clients, friends and thought there were many going through this in L.A. We all enjoy this beautiful city, but we must admit that the energy is tough.

What you really need right now before you burn out is to release yourself from the daily-mind dominated existence to experience joy, connection with yourself and others.

You need to recharge so you don’t burnout and to also gain a different perspective to bring some joy and relaxation in your day to day life.  With this realization, I felt inspired to put this life changing weekend retreat together, to guide your friends, and loved ones with this amazing breathwork technique I have been applying in my daily practice with clients.  

What to expect during this weekend retreat? 

I am taking you to an oasis that is only 30-45 min drive from L.A, to make sure you can join! No flight tickets and hotel reservations to think about, you just need to set your intention to let yourself be taken care of for a weekend.

There will be group activities but also free time for yourself to spend in the beautiful nature of Agua Dulce.

I will share tools and techniques to help you on your healing journey during this weekend and after the retreat. We will also enjoy fun dancing, connecting, and laughing, because we are here to experience joy!

How can breathwork change your life?

This healing practice offers a plethora of mental, emotional, and physical benefits. While the physical practice is uncomplicated, the effects on the body, mind, and spirit are profound. By enabling the free flow of oxygen throughout the body, your nervous system, mind, physical body and spirit are heightened and enlightened.

By overly oxygenating the cells throughout the body, you raise your PH levels and lower the CO2 in the body. This process offers you a myriad of physical benefits including calming the nervous system, addressing and healing past traumas, relieving symptoms and issues related to anxiety and depression, and even relieving chronic pain. On a spiritual level, it allows you to access higher levels of awareness beyond the subconscious, and feel life’s purest expression of joy and connection that flows through you.

The Venue

This astonishing ranch home is an oasis where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. It is nestled in the mountains of Agua Dulce.  

If you are looking for a place to retreat from the city, to experience tranquility, and be enveloped by nature where you can hear the beautiful singing of the birds, this is the perfect place for you.  

This home has a huge family room with a freestanding wood burning fireplace right off the kitchen with an island and large skylight. The kitchen, dining room, main bathroom, and halls have large Mexican paver flooring and the rest of the house has brand new laminate floors. There’s a wrap around porch for enjoying the 360-degree views and fully fenced yards around the home.

It is less than 3 miles away from Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, close to The Gentle Barn,  local Wineries, and about 4 miles from Agua Dulce General Store. 

Address : 8400 Sierra Hwy Agua Dulce, Ca 91390 (only 35 miles and about 40 minutes from Burbank).

Transportation to the venue not included.

The Program

Day 1: Intention Setting 

Arrival 6:30 pm

Group Light snacks/dinner

Opening circle intention setting for the weekend

Breathwork, meditation, sound bath

Guided meditation, sound bath, aromatherapy 

Day 2 : Mindfulness Day 

Group Breakfast

Vasquez Natural Park hike

Group Lunch 

Leisure time, mindfulness meditation 

Spiritual Art

Leisure time 

Nutrition advice from expert Taylor B. Stanley

Breathwork, meditation, sound bath

Sharing circle 


Leisure time

Day 3 : Gratitude & Self Love Day

Group Breakfast

Gratitude exercises, meditation 

Gentle Barn tour (optional)

Group Lunch 

Closing circle 


It is important that we nourish our bodies with natural and organic foods while doing the internal work. Your meals during this retreat will be filled with fresh and organic fruits, veggies, soups, salads, grains, nuts, and fish. 


What’s Included

  • 2 restful nights in luxury accommodations
  • Nourishing organic meals
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • 2 nights of Breathwork 
  • Meditations to connect to your intuition and guides, clear your chakras 
  • Learning to work with essential oils
  • Sound-bath, Drumming, chimes, tongue drums
  • Hiking at Vasquez Natural Park
  • Creating spiritual art to connect with your Higher-Self
  • All activity supplies
  • Tour to The Gentle Barn (optional)


About Vasquez Natural Park

The Vasquez Rocks consist mainly of coarse-grained conglomerate and breccia sediments, which were deposited during rapid uplift and consequent erosion of the San Gabriel Mountains. This collision of the North American and Pacific tectonic plates uplifted the area along the Elkhorn Fault, about 25 million years ago.  

The Tataviam people were living here when the Spanish arrived. Their language was most likely a Takic Uto-Aztecan language. They lived in grass huts within villages.  

About The Gentle Barn (optional)

The farm animals at The Gentle Barn have all been rescued from severe abuse, neglect, or abandonment. They have been rehabilitated with traditional and non-traditional medicine, top quality nutrition, and love. They have regained their trust in humankind by realizing that they are now loved.  

Guests are able to hug the cows, give the pigs tummy rubs, cuddle the turkeys, feed the horses, hold the chickens, and learn their stories.  

If you are an animal lover, we can arrange a visit to the Gentle Barn (cost not included).

Bring long pants, closed-toe shoes, a hat, bottled water, and sunscreen. 


Because we care, you will also receive :

– A free 30-minute call, after the retreat, with Kristine to answer your questions and know how you can further your healing or spiritual journey.

– Access to a private retreat Facebook group: to connect and answer your questions before / after the trip and stay in touch with the group.

– You will also have access to free tools to further your healing journey

– Nutrition advice – simple tools on how to eat and stay healthy,  from expert Taylor B. Stanley

-Surprise gift for group activities 


Your Host

Kristine Ovsepian M.A., C.Ht  

Holistic Healer & Best-selling author of “Living through choice”.

The healing modalities that I am trained in have greatly impacted my life by removing the hold that depression, anxiety, feelings of emptiness, and fears had on me. I finally got to realize my dreams and achieved a whole new level of self-awareness.  

For over a decade I have successfully been guiding my clients to face their obstacles by teaching these techniques to them. By building a habit of self-love and mindfulness, anyone can take their power back.  My passion and dedication comes from the wisdom of knowing that we all go through these experiences and by sharing these gifts we can all achieve fulfillment, inner peace, and happiness.

In 2016, I combined my love for healing and travel to host retreats around the world and expand this knowledge of sharing it with like-minded women who are ready to tap into their Inner Goddess and take their power back. This has resulted to a growing movement among my participants who also share these new found gifts with other sisters.


What clients say about our retreats

Before the retreat I was having a hard time loving myself.  Kristine created a safe space for us all to heal and release our past. I highly recommend Kristine’s retreats if you are seeking to heal from within.   I was able to open up and heal many of my past emotions through the techniques she shared with us. Loved learning about breathwork.  And by connecting with the other women in the group I felt a sisterhood was created.  Kristine and Karla, I thank you for putting together such an amazing retreat!


Before the retreat I felt my heart was closed and I was completely closed off to others.  Through the teachings, exercises, cacao ceremony, and breathwork with Kristine my heart opened and I realized it is safe for me to shine and be myself.  After the breathwork I felt completely at peace and connected to my higher self.  I’m forever grateful!


 I have been struggling coping with situations that have happened in my life over the past five years.  I have been through a lot of sadness, loneliness, and feeling that things were not going better, even traditional therapy did not help.  I absolutely recommend taking the journey to healing.  This retreat has been completely life changing to my mind, body, and soul.  Kristine, Karla, and Mary I will forever be grateful for meeting you all and taking my first steps to healing. Love


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