How to Deal With Stress the Healthy Way

The world is out of control, hectic, fast-paced, sometimes in a hurry to nowhere, and the outcome for most people is stress.

Some people feel stressed on an ongoing basis, and for some others, the stress they feel has become unbearable.

I can relate.

In 2009 I was lost, stressed and depressed. Although I was working and earning a good living, it wasn’t enough to ease the stress. The job was wearing me out and low self-esteem, headaches, irritability, fatigue and other serious health issues began to set in.

That brings me to the causes of stress.

Causes of stress

In my experience, as a certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and Intuitive Healer people become stressed for many reasons.  

Let’s look at the major causes of stress:

  • Pursuing the wrong career path
  • Living outside your divine purpose
  • The demands of your job
  • Loss of clarity about issues family, relationships, the future
  • Loss of a loved one or a high-value job
  • Increased financial obligations

Whatever the cause, the journey to getting rid of stress begins with realizing that you’re under severe stress and you need to take action fast.

In my case, it took me ten years and several health issues to realize that I needed to get rid of the stress in my life. What the job threw at me was completely out of my control, but I had the responsibility to deal with the stress.

How do you get rid of stress the healthy way?

First, you need to know that overconsumption of caffeine, excessive drinking, compulsive spending, over-or-under eating, gambling, or drug use are all unhealthy ways to deal with stress.

Instead, here are healthy ways to deal with stress:

  • Meditate
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Cut back on your caffeine or coffee intake
  • Occasionally disconnect from technology
  • Engage in physical exercise
  • Take nature walks with soothing music
  • Take a vacation to do something you enjoy
  • Journal your feelings and thoughts

Remember, you don’t have to face your stress alone.

I am happy to share a free guided meditation designed to relieve stress on a subconscious level.

It is available on my website, and I encourage you to practice it daily, for at least 21 days (according to studies, repetition is the best way to adopt a new habit).

Please feel free to share it with your loved ones if you think they need help to manage their stress.

I hope you find it helpful, I would love to hear your feedback!

Love & Light


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