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Are You Ready to Heal Through Adventure & Relaxation?

Our retreats join the best of both worlds – a luxurious vacation experience combined with healing.  Imagine taking a vacation and coming back renewed! Our retreats are focused towards helping you improve your overall life in the areas of self love/relationships, career/finances, and health.  The renewal programs for your mind, body, and spirit provide contemplative approaches for working with the fullness of daily life.  You return with new tools refreshed, relaxed, and ready to experience your new found freedom.

We are committed to empowering and creating a community of like minded individuals. Therefore, our retreats are not based on any specific religious teaching, rather the belief that there is truth to all religions, philosophies, and everyone is welcome.  We are based on universal oneness of love and acceptance for all.

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Imagine releasing the past negatives and gaining spiritual growth, confidence, and clarity about who you truly are and what the purpose of your life is, in 7 days or less. In addition to all the spectacular tours and hotels, we also offer yoga, meditations, and other spiritual work that can help you dive deep into your being to release old patterns, belief systems, and begin to learn more about yourself and your true purpose.

Our journeys include coaching, techniques, tools, exercises, meditations and other ancient sacred healing modalities that  guide you to release the old and bring you inner peace on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. As you immerse yourself in the teachings, it will move you towards your journey of remembering who you are as a soul.

If you love to travel and are looking to relax, eliminate stress from your life, gain clarity, regain balance, become centered/grounded, and overall advance your spiritual journey, then this is the perfect retreat for you.  Let’s embark on a miraculous spiritual journey together of self-discovery, transformation, and personal growth!