Are You Ready to Heal Through Adventure & Relaxation?

Our retreats join the best of both worlds – a luxurious vacation experience combined with healing.  Imagine taking a vacation and coming back renewed! Our retreats are focused towards helping you improve your overall life in the areas of self love/relationships, career/finances, and health.  The renewal programs for your mind, body, and spirit provide contemplative approaches for working with the fullness of daily life.  You return with new tools refreshed, relaxed, and ready to experience your new found freedom.

We are committed to empowering and creating a community of like minded individuals. Therefore, our retreats are not based on any specific religious teaching, rather the belief that there is truth to all religions, philosophies, and everyone is welcome.  We are based on universal oneness of love and acceptance for all.

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Imagine releasing the past negatives and gaining spiritual growth, confidence, and clarity about who you truly are and what the purpose of your life is, in 7 days or less. In addition to all the spectacular tours and hotels, we also offer yoga, meditations, and other spiritual work that can help you dive deep into your being to release old patterns, belief systems, and begin to learn more about yourself and your true purpose.

Our journeys include coaching, techniques, tools, exercises, meditations and other ancient sacred healing modalities that  guide you to release the old and bring you inner peace on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. As you immerse yourself in the teachings, it will move you towards your journey of remembering who you are as a soul.

If you love to travel and are looking to relax, eliminate stress from your life, gain clarity, regain balance, become centered/grounded, and overall advance your spiritual journey, then this is the perfect retreat for you.  Let’s embark on a miraculous spiritual journey together of self-discovery, transformation, and personal growth!

Upcoming Retreats

Our next retreat will be in Agua Dulce, CA!

Discover the healing powers of breathwork, aromatherapy and sound healing in a peaceful natural environment!!

Are you experiencing chronic stress and fatigue? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant demands of your work and family that you have no energy left for yourself to just feel good and relaxed? 
This weekend retreat will be a great opportunity to disconnect from your fast-paced life and learn the tools to further your healing journey!

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Past Retreats

Mexico 2019


“Before the retreat I felt my heart was closed and I was completely closed off to others. Through the teachings, exercises, cacao ceremony, and breathwork with Kristine my heart opened and I realized it is safe for me to shine and be myself. After the breathwork I felt completely at peace and connected to my higher self. I’m forever grateful!”


“Before the retreat I was having a hard time loving myself. Kristine created a safe space for us all to heal and release our past. I highly recommend Kristine’s retreats if you are seeking to heal from within. I was able to open up and heal many of my past emotions through the techniques she shared with us. Loved learning about breathwork. And by connecting with the other women in the group I felt a sisterhood was created. Kristine and Karla, I thank you for putting together such an amazing retreat!”


Costa Rica 2018


“Before this retreat I was afraid without knowing what I was afraid of. Fear was getting in the way of my growth. During this retreat I discovered who I truly am, as well as my purpose. I found a place in a purposeful community. The entire retreat and every activity was well thought out and amazing in every way. It was not only a very healing experience, but it was a luxurious experience. Every part of it from the hotels, food, the group, Kristine, Karla, and Mary were all amazing. If you are looking to heal on a mind, body, and soul level, look no further. This retreat combined the best of both worlds, a luxurious experience with deep healing. Love you all and can't wait to reunite soon.”


“I have been to many workshops for spiritual work. I have worked with many healers, helpers, mentors, in the spiritual realm, but nobody like Kristine and Mary. On this retreat I discovered that I am not alone on my journey. I for sure recommend Journeys to Heal Retreats to all my friends and family. As a healer, I was really looking to find the "real deal" healer. Kristine is a very well balanced healer. She is truly a heartfelt healer.”


“During the retreat I left the stress behind me and gained 12 sisters. Thank you so much for offering this retreat! Thank you Kristine and Karla for organizing it and I am looking forward to the next one.”


“I have been struggling coping with situations that have happened in my life over the past five years. I have been through a lot of sadness, loneliness, and feeling that things were not going better, even traditional therapy did not help. I absolutely recommend taking the journey to healing. This retreat has been completely life changing to my mind, body, and soul. Kristine, Karla, and Mary I will forever be grateful for meeting you all and taking my first steps to healing.”


Peru 2017

“Connecting and getting to know everyone on a deeper and personal level was truly a life changing experience. I really enjoyed sharing the healing ceremony with everyone and the discussion circle Kristine and Karla put together the next day. It helped us all share and understand our experiences on a deeper level. I really, really appreciated the luxurious hotels, comfortable transportation/transfers, and the food was amazing. Giving back to the community/children at Sol y Luna was yet another heartwarming experience. It was really nice how Kristine was available to everyone privately. It was also really great to see our guides open up to vulnerability within the group, reminding us that we are all human. The yoga classes were very meaningful and carried the same theme as the meditation classes.”


“The most meaningful thing about this retreat was the connections we all made. It was great to get to know everyone and learn about their journey. Sharing the healing ceremony, Machu Picchu, and all the retreat, workshops, and activities with the group enabled me to heal on a different level. I feel connected with everyone and truly blieve that my life has been forever altered. I really loved the workshops. Kristine did a wonderful job of choosing the right retreat exercises. She definitely fostered a safe space where participants can freely talk and share accordingly. I really felt the love that went into the preparation and execution of all the activities. Loved the choice of hotels and the food was absolutely amazing. The premises and facilities were 5 star. As an avid traveler, I have been to many different part of the world. While I have had many amazing and memorable trips, this retreat is the best trip I’ve ever had. It truly was life changing. Kristine and Karla are not only passionate about what they do, but they are also the best in their fields. Thanks to their creative vision, they were able to offer an experience that was equally luxurious as it was transformative. From the flights, accommodations, food, activities, and workshop sessions, this trip exceeded all my expectations. I am coming back a changed person and I will take with me the insights, breakthroughs, love, and healing I received from this retreat. Can’t wait for the next one!!! Thank you!”


“One of the most meaningful experiences I had was the fact that I was able to connect more with Kristine, Karla, and my roomie. The healing ceremony gently helped me heal and feel what I never felt before. The retreat was well planned and it flowed the way it was intended to be. Thank you so much for giving us one of the best experiences of all time. I know there was so much time and love put into this retreat, I love you chica’s. The rooms and food were amazing and our group was just right. I look forward to doing more retreats. I am recruited :). I feel love, I feel light.”


“The healing ceremony, the classes, group discussions, finding my purpose, and the gratitude stones were all very meaningful to me on this retreat. Being able to openly share and learn from others in the group, being able to heal and listen to others share was life changing. Everything was wonderful! The hotels, locations we visited, and food were all perfect. I liked that it was all girls trip this time.”


“The most memorable for me was connecting with such amazing souls who I now feel like my sisters. Seeing and staying at such beautiful places showed the love that was put into organizing this retreat. Everything fit and went perfectly. This was my first experience having a 5 start treatment, so everything was like WOW to me. I loved the 5 star treatment, the amazing food, the classes, experiences, how flexible the schedule was, and how we had free time to roam and enjoy. The special personal treatment we got from Kristine and her guidance in such beautiful spiritual places. It’s like seeing the beauty of spirituality come alive in Peru.”


“The opportunity to connect with others, the locations, and the workshops helped me meditate more quickly and easily. Thank you for your constant positive attitude. It helped with the energy of the trip. Thank you for reminding us to thankful and grateful. I wish I could have you with me on all my trips. The hotels, food, and everything else was spectacular. Thank you for helping me connect to this country on a deeper level than I ever have anywhere else. Thank you for creating this trip!”


Costa Rica 2016  

“I realized that spiritual vacations are needed!!! Can’t wait until the next one.”

Linda S.

“The workshops offered powerful processes to deepen my spiritual practice and go deep inside and connect with my power. Kristine and Karla are incredibly attentive, responsive, and supportive. Would love to do more of these, frequently. Overall amazing!”

Sam E.

“I loved that the group exercises gave me a lot to learn about myself and my journey. I loved that Kristine gave us all more than enough individual time and attention.”


“Loved being among spirits and souls who are working on themselves and who are open to being vulnerable. Sharing a safe space to work together and heal one another. Being in nature and leaving the world aside for a moment to be able to focus and heal. Love, love, loved it!”

Mary B.

“It was personalized. I felt safe and loved, speaking or opening up. The love was real. For once there was a sense of relief. This was the best trip ever. I appreciate the love and time it took to make this possible. Words can’t express how I feel. Overall, this trip has exceeded my expectations. Each and everyone was a blessing. I love you ALL!”