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Your mind is a powerful tool for healing, and you can learn to use it to transform pain and suffering into love, health, and prosperity. All you need is a willingness to find healing on all levels, and a guide to show you the way there.

Are you tired of feeling consumed by anger or resentment about your past? Do you suffer from addictions or other health problems that seem linked to a longtime pattern of stress, anxiety, or depression? You can transform your health and your life.

Once you understand how negative emotions associated with trauma, anger, and fear are making you sick, you can learn to release them and find true healing and happiness.

In Living through Choice, gifted spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist Kristine Ovsepian, MA, C.Ht., shares simple yet powerful tools to reunite you with your authentic self and guides you to:

  • Understand how your past (in this lifetime and beyond) influences your present 
  • Overcome stress, anxiety, and depression 
  • Banish anger and resentment to forgive yourself and others 
  • Overcome addictions and other illnesses 
  • Manifest spiritual, emotional, and physical healing