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Are you tired of feeling consumed by anger or resentment about your past? Do you suffer from addictions or other health problems that seem linked to a longtime pattern of stress, anxiety, or depression?

You can transform your health and your life. Once you understand how negative emotions associated with trauma, anger, and fear are making you sick, you can learn to release them and find true healing and happiness.

In Living through Choice, gifted spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist Kristine Ovsepian, MA, C.Ht., shares simple yet powerful tools to reunite you with your authentic self and guides you to:

Understand how your past (in this lifetime and beyond) influences your present

Overcome stress, anxiety, and depression

Banish anger and resentment to forgive yourself and others

Overcome addictions and other illnesses

Manifest spiritual, emotional, and physical healing
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“Living Through Choice was a profoundly insightful and powerful read about taking control of your life and making conscious choices to live in an authentic way. The book weaves stories of Kristine’s clients throughout the years. These are people who have taken their life circumstances and used some of the tools that the writer provides and made a substantial and long lasting changes in their lives. The writer then provides tools on how to help infuse your life with positivity through meditation, breath work etc. If you are feeling stuck and need some inspiration on how to live your life to the fullest I would highly recommend reading this book!”

D. Maba

“This is one of the best books I've ever read in regards to spiritual growth and healing. Kristine does a wonderful job by showing experiences she's had with her clients. She also shows the importance of living with the right mindset to live a more fulfilling, joyful and abundant life. The steps that are written in this book are very easy to understand and you can apply it to your life. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Kristine for sharing the potential that we all have within us to live an amazing life.”


“I absolutely love this book!! I have the divine pleasure of getting to work with Kristine, and who she is shines through in this book. She has such a gift for articulating the truths that allow us to move from fear and ego, into light and love. And I love her reference stories in the book that help show how these healing modalities have worked for others and how they can work for you. A must read! And if you can, book a session with her! She is truly incredible.”

“An easy to digest read with so much positive energy and information. The book gave me a new way to look at how I can design my life through my choices. Recommend it to anyone looking to better their life mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

“This is a deeply personal book that shares the author's struggles (in this lifetime and past lives) and details her journey to her current career as a hypnotherapist. Her tone is so engaging and relatable that you feel as though you are receiving guidance from a dear friend you've known all your life. I simply couldn't put the book down; it was fascinating reading about miraculous recoveries from her clients and learning tips about how to confront challenges in your own life. It's as though the book is charged with positive energy that readies you to face your own issues. The book addresses a breadth of topics such as mindful living, spiritual and physical healing, and faith in Source. It is conveniently arranged by topic for easy future reference, such as Healing Past Life Attachments, Healing Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, and Healing Addictions. I am now a believer in the amazing benefits of hypnotherapy and mindfulness. Definitely a keeper.”

“Absolutely loved this book, it's easy to read and understand. The examples the author described on the book were really inspiring. I feel it was a sign from the universe for me to have read this book at this precise moment of my life. I am following the steps given to improve my life and am eager to see the results. I recommend this book to everyone! I am sure it will enlighten anyone who reads it.”


“This book is more than just informative self-help. As you read, you feel like you have a good friend who wants to see you grow. I will always keep this near as a reminder to how powerful my mind is and how I have the CHOICE to direct my own life !”


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